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Now everyone can travel first class with Bushwacker's® low-profile Street Flares®. They're the hottest add-on to hit the streets in decades. Street Flares® were designed to add body style while offering minimal coverage - giving your vehicle that custom limited-edition look at a fraction of the cost.

OE Style

Now owners of late model pick-up trucks and SUVs can get the look and fit of factory flares with an aftermarket product. Bushwacker¹s new "OE" Style™ Fender Flares let you add factory style flares for a fraction of the cost. Engineered to match the trim lines of each vehicle, these easy-to-install flares feature a sleek, curved design that wraps under the vehicle for factory-installed styling. Bushwacker's "OE" Style™ Fender Flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle. They come complete with everything required for quick - easy installation.

Extend-A-Fender Flares

They're original! Extend-A-Fender® our most popular flares blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that's bold enough to turn heads, trim enough to go anywhere. With one to three inches of coverage depending on make and model, Extend-A-Fender® flares give you added protection from the elements - and an exciting look at the same time.

Cutout Flares

You don't have to honk to get noticed -- with the wide coverage and tough, bold looks of Bushwacker® Cut-Out™ flares. Whether you're headed for rugged territory or a night on the town, these flares make a powerful statement with some of the widest tire coverage you can find. They extend a big two to five inches beyond the wheel-well opening, so they're perfect for those aggressive, super-sized tires. For that tough off-road look, choose Pocket Cut-Out™ flares with covered fastener caps. Or go with our No-Pocket Cut-Out™ flares for a sleeker style. All it takes is a little sheet metal trimming around the wheel opening (not required on some applications) and you're ready for the easy installation. Bushwacker® Cut-Out™ flares come with everything you need -- including an attitude that just won't quit!

Flat-Top Flares

Jeep® owners are a special breed - independent, free-wheeling , and always ready for action. Bushwacker® makes that statement loud and clear with our dynamic Flat-Top® Panel Flares. They give your classic Jeep® lines the widest legal coverage you can get - from two to eight inches beyond fender well, depending on the model. They not only look terrific, they protect those larger, off-set rim and tire combinations better than any OEM trim. Flat-Top™ Panel Flares are available in ready-to-mount sets of four in matte black finish that can be painted to match any color scheme. Or leave them black for an eye-catching OEM look at a fraction of the cost. Add our Flat-Top® Panel Flares - and take your Jeep® to the max!

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