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We are capable of selling and installing Draw Bars and Hitch Balls. Call for more information. These are a variety of towing products we sell:

Towing Products
Draw Bar Selection, Draw Bars, Hitch Ball Selection,

Hitch Balls, Covers,  Interchangeable Hitch Ball.

We carry a wide variety of conventional hitches, Fifth Wheels, goosenecks, and weight distribution hitches from several familiar companies

Electrical Products
T-Connectors, Circuit Protectors, Wiring Accessories, Adapters, Converters, Connectors Wiring Kits

Outfitter Adventure Systems
Bike Carriers, Canoe Loaders, Cargo Carriers, Ramps, Tailgate Tables

Reese Hitches
We carry every item from the Reese Trailer Hitch line-up, including receiver style hitches, 5th wheel hitch, gooseneck hitch, weight distributing hitches, custom hitches, and many accessories.

Hidden Hitch
Call for information about hidden hitch accessories to fit your vehicle.

We also sell and install Draw Tight Towing Accessories-Call for information

Dura Hitch
In towing and hauling they interpret that to mean durability, toughness and resistance to corrosion. That's why they apply a superior Autophoretic® coating to protect their DuraHitchT and DuraHauleRT products from rust and wear. They have received certification from the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (A.M.E.C.A.) for all of our products. 

Hitches: Certified as Class III (5,000 lbs.) for weight carrying and Class IV (10,000 lbs.) for weight distribution, some even to 6,000 lbs./12,000 lbs. All hitches are built as combined Class III and Class IV for a single application with dual certifications. 

Ball Mounts: Certified as Tongue Weight 600 lbs. and Weight Carrying 6,000 lbs.

DuraHauleR: Our cargo haulers are certified for 500 lbs. weight carrying.

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