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Lift Top Design Tonneau 
The new Downey LTD (Lift Top Design) Tonneau has all the high quality features found on the Downey SST Tonneau plus it lifts up for easy access to the truck bed without unsnapping the cover. Convenience, flexibility, quality. Also, the LTD comes in a range of colors so there is bound to be a one that will compliment your truck.
Sport Masters' Hinged Slant-Tonneau cover protects your cargo by keeping the weather on the outside.  Our unique hinged design allows you to unlatch the cover which creates full access to the bed without unsnapping.  A quick release pin makes removal easy.
Downey Inverted Cover Snap
The exclusive patented Downey inverted cover snap attaches anywhere along the channels length, there is nothing to realign. The snap is made of an indestructible self-lubricating material that is guaranteed for the life of the cover

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