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Leer's 100XQ series fiberglass cap takes sleek automotive design and functionality to a whole new dimension. Leer and OEM design engineers have teamed up to build caps contoured to the aerodynamic body lines of specific truck models. The result: the 100XQ creates a custom fit, SUV look truck cap that protects your cargo with style.
Leer's upscale 100XLT series fiberglass cap maximizes visibility with larger, one piece, tilt-out windows that taper open toward the back, enhancing aerodynamics and SUV looks. The 100XLT features superior ventilation with window openings that improve circulation 33% over standard flipper windows and includes removable screens. The full dark tint glass curved rear door swings up and out of the way for easy access. With hidden hinge construction, all locking hardware is concealed for a clean automotive look. Leer's unique "Posi-lock" rotary door locking system secures your cargo.
Leer’s award-winning cab-high fiberglass 100XL combines the stylish look of a sport utility with the versatility of a pickup. The 100XL features a recessed LED third brake light for added safety, full-size contoured dark-tint glass for increased privacy and visibility, plus an SUV-style side flipper window for ventilation and convenient rear opening. In addition, the 100XL provides truck owners with an interior dome light, a curved frameless rear lift door, and an automotive-style rotary latch mechanism for secure closing and ease of opening.
The rugged and economical 100 is a cab-high fiberglass cap with screened side sliding windows, tinted glass, and a rear brake light. The 100’s framed rear door features dual locks for added security and allows the door to fit the contour of your truck’s tailgate.
Leer’s 122 Series is designed for the recreational and work-minded consumer. The 122 provides maximum height from front to rear for optimum loading capabilities. Standard features include tinted side sliding windows, vertical bay windows for enhanced visibility, an interior dome light, a third brake light, and a framed rear door with dual locks.
The 160XL fiberglass cap has been engineered to compliment the contours of today's aerodynamic trucks with style and affordability. The sleek 160XL cab-high series from Leer will protect the cargo area of the truck and give it an SUV look. This cap features a recessed LED rear brake light, automotive styling that matches the contours of the truck, trim-less edge for SUV look, inset side windows for flush appearance, rear door inset for additional strength and recessed LEER logo on sides. Leer's affordable, stylish 160XL is designed to fit your lifestyle.

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