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Camp Along Deluxe
  • Zip on truck tent
  • Detachable Awning
  • Hinged Slant-Side Bed Cover
Hinged Slant
Sport Masters' Hinged Slant-Tonneau cover protects your cargo by keeping the weather on the outside.  Our unique hinged design allows you to unlatch the cover which creates full access to the bed without unsnapping.  A quick release pin makes removal easy.
Slant Side
The Slant-Side Tonneau cover from Sport Masters is an economical way to "Sport Up Your Pickup".  The attractive black enameled frame clamps to the bed so that no drilling is necessary.  The heavy-duty vinyl cover increases the security and protection by keeping your valuable cargo hidden from view. We use tubular supports to add strength and durability which aids in shedding rain and snow and our reinforced corners on the vinyl will keep your cover in great shape for years to come!

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