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  • Xenon® has earned a reputation for one of the top quality producers of molded urethane fender flares. The flexible urethane is the same material as the original stock fender flares on Jeeps, however, unlike the original flares, you get an additional 4 inches of wheel clearance with Xenon's extended flares. That extra clearance allows for oversized tires.
  • Flare Kits come with hardware and are available in Black only. Xenon® Flares satisfy state and local laws which require the exposed tread edge of the tire to be covered when looking down from the top of your Jeep® fenders.
  • To install simply un-bolt the factory flares and replace them using the provided hardware. No drilling required.
  • Xenon® Fender Flares come with a Lifetime warranty.
3" Wide Fender Flares Made Of Rugged Urethane.
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